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3D Real Estate Photography- An Essential Tool To Increase Sales

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

3D Matterport is not only improving the way that the properties being shown, but it is also a decisive factor to see a house. Technology plays an important role in the real estate market for both buyers and sellers in this time. The right technology can help to present a property that shortens the time in the market, reaches a wider audience, reaches a high value ,and agents who wish to use the option should try adding 3D Matterport to their collection.

New level of disruption rose in how customers discover and know real estate. Until recently, visits through online photos and videos were the gateway for potential buyers to beat down the many options available to them to choose their new home. 3d real estate photography, drone videos as well as Google earth allows us to know the neighborhood and the aspect of the house itself, without having to search the city or across the country to collect this vital information.

Static photos and videos, however, make an incomplete drawing. When a client visits the real house, the images often do not do proper justice one way or another. 3D real estate photography is becoming one of the latest technological disruptions. Below is how it works and some ideas on how to use it in your own brokerage.

How To Use 3d Real Estate Photography As Full-Service Real Estate Agency

The visual encompassing characteristic of 3D real estate photography is beneficial in several ways: first, customers can see real estate property offers convincingly and experience the house or apartment as if they were there, however, 3D can also provide a valuable record of the condition of a property at any given time. For a brokerage or property management team, this is an excellent way to defend against possible conflicts prior to launch.

By creating a complete 3d materport record of the condition of a property, managers can return and view the data, consider normal wear and tear and make clearer decisions when the contract expires and potential new tenants seek an option.

Tenants and buyers appreciate this a lot knowing that there are also records in which they are registered, what is promised is what is delivered. We also use it for artisans who visually confirm what should be corrected where: the less conjecture in these situations, the better.

An advantage that we initially do not consider: for the visibility of invisible leases, or when a spouse is not on ground to see the property for themselves, matterport 3D real estate is an excellent tool to accelerate decision making so that the client does not miss the offer to someone.

It's not surprising that matterport 3d real estate can give your company a competitive advantage, from making an appointment to the brand's global customer experience and service level. In a 3D virtual tour, the stack of boxes, the hole in the drywall, can’t be hidden which encourages sellers to do their best.

This gives property managers as well as buyers on the same page to work in relation to the condition of the property. Another area for which the full-service brokerage will benefit from 3D virtual reality is the new building,

With the 3D matterport camera, we take pictures and perform virtual inspections for clients, when a buyer or home builder moves, searching, buying and building can be a logistical challenge. With a virtual tour, customers can not travel several times, but can easily make a 3D tour at key points.

Doll House

With the dollhouse function, the property can be displayed as a 3D matterport image; viewers can move the image to see all aspects of the house. Each level can be displayed separately or as a complete unit, the viewer can expand certain areas to really immerse themselves in the house and have an idea of the design.

Features of 3D Matterport

3D Matterport produces a three- dimensional model of the home that can essentially represent the entire property on a 3D scale. As soon as the property analysis is completed, it is immediately loaded, so that each user can review the property from their own computer.

Agents can use it to show prospective buyers multiple properties at once without leaving their office, or buyers can view real estate from home. The following are the features of 3D Matterport:

A 360-Degree View

3D Matterport offers the possibility to see each room separately with the 360-degree view. The buyer can manipulate the program so that he can see the whole room, this gives them the opportunity to explore every corner of a room as if they were standing in it.

Walk-through Video

The option of touring homes as if the potential buyer is physically present to walk through it by simply pressing play is available. The good thing about this 3D matterport feature is not just that it goes through all the rooms, but that it shows the space from different perspectives and angles, showing the buyer all aspects of the environment.

Floor Plans with 3D MAttrpoert

3d real estate photography includes an option that includes the floor plan with dimensions in 3D Matterport. This allows buyers to visually see not only the size of a room, but also the actual dimensions to see how their personal belongings fit into the space of a particular room.

The best thing about 3D Matterport is that it lets sellers only have just one open house. Once the first scan is complete, you can see the house in three-dimensional form throughout the world, for example, an agent can have a virtual house open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without having to set foot on the property. This not only saves several open houses, but it also saves time, expands the audience and leads to a faster sale!